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Planning and Designing Your Own Jewelry

Before you start creating your own jewelry, planning and designing is important. When you plan, always remember that you have to be organized in all aspects as you go along with your jewelry making. Necessary tools and material are very important; however, you don't just grab those things because you need them. Sometimes we make mistakes by using the wrong materials; an example of this is when we chose the wrong beads and ending up with a mess, a complete waste of time and materials. So, it is very important to chose the right kind of materials you will be using, or rather chose a good quality of materials that will last long without fading.

The most common materials are Handmade Glass Beads, gemstones, and other metal materials that come in different sizes, colors, and varieties. They are the most beautiful materials that make up your jewelry. However, looks can be deceiving. Beads are beautiful tiny pieces, but if you are not wise enough to choose good quality beads, you might end up with faded beads. Gemstones and other metal materials, if carefully looked after, will last many lifetimes, but others do not. Sometimes good quality beads, gemstones, and other metal materials are more expensive to buy, but it really pays when you realize that they can last for a lifetime!

But if you're planning to make fun and fashionable designs, you can go along with the cheaper materials. Finding out how to source the best wholesale jewelry is best done online through places like eBay.
As beads and other materials come in different sizes, picking the right size for your design is very important as well. You don't want to choose heavy beads to pull off the design shape of your necklace. Heavy beads can cause tiara tips bending over in your jewelry. Very light beads can look flimsy and won't go with your desired designed shape.

Making a dramatic design statement usually comes with lots of large beads; in this case you can incorporate hollow metal beads, wood or other light weight materials, which will help you make the finished item from being too heavy to wear. There are many light weight beads that look stunning, Bali silver beads are good example of this.

The purpose of the beads is very necessary if you are designing a special bead effect for your jewelry. Add a dramatic touch which will make a certain bead stand out. Others use organic designs, composed of beads that blend together giving an overall beautiful cohesive impression, therefore choosing beads that are similar in color tone and sizes are very important things to do.

After having completed a number of items, and probably planning on selling them, you can come up with this equation for your pricing: cost of the beads + your time + overheads and other materials. There are many places that you can sell your jewelry: craft shows, home parties and you can learn all about setting up your online jewelry store by searching the internet for ideas.

By Gary A Capps